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  • Enspiral Summer Fest

    Thursday 6th - Sunday 9th February 2020

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    The annual summer retreat is the pillar of our community. It's where we share quality face-to-face time and explore emerging opportunities and new connections. This is our 15th retreat!


    Where: Camp Wainui, 203 Coast Rd, Wainuiomata (45min from Wellington airport)

    When: Thursday, Feb 6th at 10am — Sunday, Feb 9th before lunch


    Join us to co-create the agenda. Summer Fest is a choose-your-own-adventure. To support this, as co-hosts, we will open up space for many energies, both light-hearted and those that may touch on the personal and collective responsibilities and powers we hold and exercise, from past to future — and how our communities may accelerate or nourish change and personal growth.


    This year’s Summer Fest falls on Waitangi Day—the day on which a group of rangatira (tribal chiefs) signed Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi). It’s one of the founding documents of modern Aotearoa New Zealand and the cause of many present-day inequities between tangata whenua (people of the land) and tangata tiriti (people of the treaty). No matter which lands or people define your story, let’s hold these themes in a way that honours our differences and what we share. We offer the guiding question, “how can we be good ancestors?” as a lens that you can pick up to pursue the gathering that enlivens you.


    Conversations around decolonisation are increasingly entering the mainstream. Challenges like climate change and opportunities around emerging technologies pose ethical and personal questions: How do we proceed into the unknowns? How do past, present and future interweave to form us and our ecosystems in ways that make it possible to

    • hold a world-changing purpose
    • improve livelihoods
    • start a business
    • cultivate a network of networks.

  • How do we gather?

    The name Atu-Mai is based on the Cook Islands proverb “Aro'aatu, i te aro'a mai- love given, love received.


    In the spirit of Atu-Mai, Summer Fest is an invitation to co-create a retreat for each and all of us, together; the hosting crew is there to support a space of choice, giving and receiving.


    You are encouraged to shape your own experience to your needs, may they be lighthearted or deep and meaningful, or anything in-between. Interesting people and conversation, time for laughter and games… with a spacious backdrop gorgeous nature and delicious, healthy food from Doris, and anything else you would like to bring!



  • Satellite Events


    Satellite Events are a program of events before and after the Retreat. Many people in our community self-organise events around this time of year because so many brilliant people are in town.




    You are welcome to host any kind of activity that you want to offer: a picnic, tango lessons, a master class, games night, shamanistic vision quest, unconference, hackathon, tramping… If you think it could be interesting to the kind of folks who are interested in Enspiral, go on, host it!


    Please contact john@enspiral.com if you want to organise something (even if you're unsure of venue)!

  • Ready to join us?

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  • Need to know more?

    If you have any questions, get in touch with the Summer Fest team in the form below...

    Camp Wainui, 203 Coast Rd, Wainuiomata, Wellington 5373, New Zealand
  • We all bring the magic together.


    Summer Fest is an invitation to co-create a retreat for each and all of us, together.


    A space of choice for giving and receiving - Facilitate, participate, lead, support, follow, or enjoy your time alone. Shape your own experience to your needs.


    Be ready for diverse views, active interactions, space for renewal and opportunities to reconnect.


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