• How can play contribute to healing & regeneration?


  • Enspiral Summer Fest

    Saturday 13th - Tuesday 16th February 2021

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    The annual summer retreat is a pillar of our community. It's where we share quality face-to-face time, and explore emerging opportunities and new connections. This is our 16th retreat!


    Important Note: a COVID policy is in place to ensure refunds are available in case of disruption.
    Further details on the ticketing page.


    WHERE: Same as last year - Camp Wainui, 203 Coast Rd, Wainuiomata (45min from Wellington Airport)

    WHEN: Saturday, Feb 13th at 10am — Tuesday Feb 16th before lunch (members retreat starts Friday Feb 12th at 10AM)


    Kia ora koutou!


    Join us to co-create the agenda. Summer Fest is an adventure you choose, and create. To support this, as co-hosts, we’ll open up space for many energies, whether light-hearted or deep and reflective. For this year's retreat, we are being guided by a question:

    At its heart, play is emergent and open-ended. How can play be a sacred tool for healing? For regenerative impact, collective intelligence, & evolution?


    2020 has been a tough year for many, and for the world at large. “As above, so below”, the forces that continue to disrupt the patterns of society are affecting us all on an individual personal level. Allowing space for those patterns to shift in a way that allows the natural, creative forces of the world to contribute to our healing, play - however it looks to you - can be a powerful tool to support us in dancing in the ever-present now with the changes around us, creating the space for us to become the person we’re meant to be in the future.



    “When we know the critical role play has in unfolding human intelligences, imagination and creativity, we will be prepared to stand up and ensure its central place in our lives.”
    The Sacred Urge to Play | Pennie Brownlee and Kimberley Crisp


    Last year’s theme - “How can we be good ancestors?” - invited us to reflect on the influence we leave behind us, and this year we’re inviting all of us to consider the role of The Sacred Urge to Play in untangling the knots that inhibit our own healing, and that of the world at large without adding more burden.




    Kotahi te kākano, he nui ngā hua o te rākau.
    A tree comes from one seed but bears many fruit


    Play has a universal language, even though we all define it differently based on our unique and diverse lived experience. Whether it’s picking up an instrument with a group of friends, sitting amongst nature drawing in wonder and inspiration, developing creative solutions to complex problems, sitting quietly in the corner sharing a poem with just one, or connecting over board games, it invites us to edge closer to the person we’ve been called to become since before we were born. Importantly, it does this by allowing our abundant, natural intelligence to unfold, allowing us to dance in the space of creativity together as we co-create each other’s growth and becoming.


    This year’s Summerfest is designed around the kohanga, the nest – a family friendly space that invites the tamariki, children, around and within us to sit at the heart of our time together.

  • How do we gather?

    Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia ō tātou mahi - Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work




    The whakatauki or proverb above reflects the inclusive invitation for this year's retreat to be family friendly, where children are at the heart of our spaces. Our children will be the next changemakers and entrepreneurs and are welcome to participate, observe and engage in their authentic ways. This offers a provocation of ako* to learn alongside the children as they explore and engage often in unencumbered ways .


    The kohanga or nest is an intentional space for children of all ages to come and go, with freedom to explore the open spaces offerings.


    *Ako – a respectful and mana enhancing flow between an explorer and a guide in which both parties are enriched in mutual and unbounded sensemaking and discovery.



  • Satellite Events


    Satellite Events are a program of events before and after the Retreat. Many people in our community self-organise events around this time of year because so many brilliant people are in town.



    • TBD


    You are welcome to host any kind of activity that you want to offer: a picnic, tango lessons, a master class, games night, shamanistic vision quest, unconference, hackathon, tramping… If you think it could be interesting to the kind of folks who are interested in Enspiral, go on, host it!


    Please contact summer-fest@enspiral.com if you want to organise something!

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    If you have any questions, get in touch with the Summer Fest team in the form below...

    Camp Wainui, 203 Coast Rd, Wainuiomata, Wellington 5373, New Zealand
  • We all bring the magic together.


    Summer Fest is an invitation to co-create a retreat for each and all of us, together.


    A space of choice for giving and receiving - Facilitate, participate, lead, support, follow, or enjoy your time alone. Shape your own experience to your needs.


    Be ready for diverse views, active interactions, space for renewal and opportunities to reconnect.


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