• Why do we gather?

    Thursday 17th - Sunday 20th March 2022

  • Kia ora koutou!

    This is Enspiral's 18th retreat! The regular Enspiral retreats have been described as the pulse of our community. It's where we share quality face-to-face time, kanohi ki te kanohi, support each others' work, nurture relationships and explore emerging opportunities and new connections.


    Camp Wainui, 203 Coast Rd, Wainuiomata 
    (45min from Wellington Airport)


    Thursday 17 March at 10am — Sunday 20 March before lunch


    Enspiral contributors and invited friends
  • Important Note: a COVID policy is in place to ensure refunds are available in case of disruption. You can find further details on the ticketing page.

    We cite Billy Matheson's words as our introduction to this year's theme 'Why do we gather?'


    "As we all spend more and more time 'in the virtual', this strange form of relating with our fellow human beings online, I suspect that the power of meeting 'in person' will grow and grow.  


    Perhaps we will rediscover the art of connecting face to face, in community, as a sacred act. Maybe it takes a crisis to bring us together. Or it might be something we do when we recognize some new potential, or when we know that we have important work to do together. Perhaps it is when we notice love is present." 


    - "Better Work Together", 2018, pg 124-125, shortened.

    The format and facilitation of SummerFest, the 'how' we gather, allows for your personal answer to the theme question of 'why' do we gather?

    The name Atu-Mai is based on the Cook Islands proverb “Aro'aatu, i te aro'a mai” - love given, love received.


    In the spirit of Atu-Mai, Summer Fest is an invitation to co-create a positive experience for each and all of us, together; the hosting crew is there to hold a carefully created basic structure that supports a space of choice, giving and receiving. 


    You are encouraged to shape your own experience to your needs, may they be lighthearted or deep and meaningful, or anything in-between. 


    Interesting people and conversation, time for laughter and games… with a spacious backdrop, gorgeous nature and delicious, healthy food from Doris, and anything else you would like to bring!

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    If you have any questions, get in touch with the SummerFest team in the form below.

    Camp Wainui, 203 Coast Rd, Wainuiomata, Wellington 5373, New Zealand
  • We all bring the magic together.


    Summer Fest is an invitation to co-create a retreat for each and all of us, together.


    A space of choice for giving and receiving - Facilitate, participate, lead, support, follow, or enjoy your time alone. Shape your own experience to your needs.


    Be ready for diverse views, active interactions, space for renewal and opportunities to reconnect.


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