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  • Enspiral Summer Retreat 2019


    The annual summer retreat is the pillar of our community. It's where we reconnect with our dear friends and colleagues, and meet new collaborators.


    The 2019 retreat
    Friday Feb 22nd at 10am

    Ends: Sunday Feb 24th at 11:30am
    Location: Aroha Valley Farm, Upper Hutt New Zealand.


    **Tickets have SOLD OUT, if you missed out and you are super keen to come send us an email at contact@thehum.org so we can add you to the waiting list.

    If you've never been to an Enspiral retreat, you can expect: participant-created agenda, spacious hosting, deep dives into whatever futuristic ideas you're interested in, new projects and opportunities, extremely delicious and healthy food from Doris, beautifully intimate together time, as much alone time as you need, minimal awkwardness, way too many new friends and lovers, personal development in the company of others, nature time, and the slight pang of heartbreak afterwards.

  • The theme for this year is “Mutual Aid for Meaningful Work”.


    What is the work that is most meaningful to me? What support do I need, personally and professionally, so I can do more of it?


    Everyone will have different answers to these questions. This is a shared inquiry, reaching from the very practical, all the way out to the metaphysical. Maybe you want to collaborate on your awesome new idea for how to change the world. Maybe you want to host an open conversation about a deep topic. Maybe you have expertise to share. Or you want to hold a yoga class in the forest.


    We’ll co-create the agenda together.


  • Summer Festival - Satellite Events


    Summer Festival is a program of events before and after the Retreat. Many people in our community self-organise events around this time of year because so many brilliant people are in town.


    You are welcome to host any kind of activity that you want to offer: a picnic, tango lessons, a master class, games night, shamanistic vision quest, unconference, hackathon, tramping… If you think it could be interesting to the kind of folks who are interested in Enspiral, go on, host it!



    • Feb 12th: Cohousing Hui: a gathering of CoHousing communities, architects, developers, lenders, local and central government people, and anyone else interested in collective models of housing. Wellington. Tickets $50-100.
    • Feb 15-17th: Social Enterprise Unconference: grassroots event for anyone involved in the social enterprise sector. 2 nights. Levin (north of Wellington). Tickets $100-500.
    • Feb 18th: Showing Up Work: A Creative Approach to the Inner Dimensions of Change. Exploring the inner work that can serve you to show up in a useful way to the global moment we are living in today. Free; registrations essential.
    • Feb 18th: Genesis DAO meets Enspiral. Join Enspiral members and friends as we hear about the Genesis DAO and Alchemy, the collaborative funding DApp built by DAOstack. We’ll be debating and discussing hard and soft governance in the blockchain community.
    • Feb 19th: Insights and lessons from Lifehack, a systems-level intervention in youth mental health and wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand run in 2013-2017 by Enspiral in collaboration with the Ministry for Social Development, with an emphasis on co-design, prevention and capability building. 8:30am, Wellington.
    • Feb 25ht: Liberating Structures, productively and playfully disrupt conventional patterns in how we work together.  Join this full-day immersion, engage, reengage and dive deeper into this repertoire of 33+ simple methods. 9am - 4pm, Wellington .
    • Feb 25-29th: Scuttle Camp, a gathering for people interested in the Scuttlebutt technology, Ōtaki. Sold out!
    • March 1-15th: Permaculture Design Course, learn a holistic design approach integrating regenerative earth stewardship techniques with resilient lifestyles and livelihoods, that promote cooperative, abundant and vital communities. 15 days live-in course at Waihoanga Centre, Ōtaki.
    • March 11-13th:  New Frontiers350+ world changing entrepreneurs and founders, investors, policy experts and government decision-makers together with business and industry leaders, artists, creators, and storytellers.  Join a diverse group of leaders, get a sneak peek into new ideas changing the world, and be part of shaping the future!


    Please contact nati@thehum.org if you want to organise something, or add your event to this list!

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    December 13, 2018
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    If you have any questions, get in touch with the Summer Festival team in the form below...

    296 Whitemans Valley Rd, Whitemans Valley
    Upper Hutt 5371
  • We all bring the magic together.


    Summer Festival is designed around active participation from everyone.


    Be ready for lots of interaction, diverse views and equally diverse content as well as plenty of quiet space to reflect and reconnect.

    You are encouraged to lead, follow and participate in the ways that work best for you.  

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