• Enspiral Summer Festival 2018

  • What happens at an Enspiral Summer Festival?

    This is our big annual gathering. 4 days of connecting, reconnecting, sharing, growing and collective action!


    Summer Festival is a combination of high energy, socially engaging and mentally stimulating experiences as well as a chance to slow down, explore deep conversations, and reflect on your purpose and direction. The result is the unique combination of work and play that we call Enspiral!


    You can expect to be formally welcomed to the event and we will take plenty of time to meet and get to know each other. You can expect the freedom to find your own way and meet your own needs. You can expect small home groups to support connection and help participants to care for each other. You can expect facilitated processes to support the right workshop content to emerge.  

    Expect to reflect and re/connect

    This is the big annual gathering for Enspiral.

    Enspiral is about human relationships. A big part of Summer Festival is reconnecting with old friends and meeting new collaborators.

    Expect sharing and growing

    Time together to align our futures

    Updates from ventures and projects in our community, sharing opportunities, potential and ideas for future growth.


    Who knows, maybe you'll connect with a perfect co-founder, join a project or get involved starting something new....

    Expect action!

    This is a big chance to Enspiral together

    Enspiral is a central force in all our livelihoods and this is our chance to extend and build it together. Expect some hosted sessions to collectively sense, vision and execute Enspiral work together.

  • Supporting action!

    Summer Festival is designed around active participation from everyone.

    It is our biggest annual opportunity for face to face connection and action time to build Enspiral together.


    Be ready for lots of interaction, diverse views and equally diverse content as well as plenty of quiet space to reflect and reconnect. To help you make the most of the experience the event will be facilitated by the Summerfest team so you can focus on actively participating and making the most of the time.


    As always with Enspiral, we all bring the magic together.


    Time for yourself

    Opportunities to look after yourself

    There will be plenty of time and space to use Summerfest to do whatever you need to do for yourself. If that means escaping the chaos for quiet reflection and walking, doing yoga or reading a book - it's up to you!

    Connection with a homegroup

    Small group time

    We'll all be connected into small home groups to ensure everyone has some people that can connect with, rely on and look out for during the event.

    Connect with community

    Spaces for our whole Enspiral community to see each other and connect

    There will be several chances for the whole community to converge and do some bigger visioning, collective thinking and connecting together.

  • Dates

    Over 3 nights and 4 days there will be active and reflective sessions, large group processes and small group processes, loud spaces and quiet spaces, formal occasions and plenty of free time for you to do what ever you like.


    Tuesday Jan 30th

    Arrive in the afternoon. Connect with the community and the location. Orientation with Enspiral and the journey so far.


    Wednesday Jan 31st

    Active workshops, open space and special events in the evening.


    Thursday Feb 1st

    More action, more open space and community connection time in the evening with a story circle.


    Friday Feb


    We will be finishing threads, closing up, checking out and then heading to Wellington after lunch to celebrate!

  • Location

    30mins drive from Wellington city and 40 mins by train from Wellington Railway Station

    We're back at Silverstream retreat centre this summer.


    The venue includes a range of accommodation options, plenty of breakout space for workshops and a large hall for the main sessions. The centre was constructed in the 1940’s as a hospital and consists of a number of character buildings that have been renovated by the team at Silverstream Retreat. There is plenty of outdoor space for activities and the Hutt River and walking trails are nearby too.


    Click here to learn more about the location. 

  • 4 days. All inclusive: food, accomodation and facilitation.

    • Bunk Room (shared per person): $450
    • Twin Room (shared per person): $500
    • Double Room (shared per person): $550

    20% early bird discount for all Enspiral contributors and members.

    50% discount for children.

  • More Info

    Check out the updates and FAQ guides below

  • Need to know more?

    If you have any questions, get in touch with the Summerfest team in the form below

    Silverstream Retreat, 3 Reynolds Bach Drive, Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt 5019, New Zealand
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