• A co-created festival

    (Calling question TBA!)

    Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st, January 2024

  • Kia ora koutou! 


  • 2023 Invite (2024 details coming September!)

    In these uncertain times, we may find ourselves rich
    in both possibilities and chaos, seeking our path.
    The trails we seek are overgrown.
    The maps need re-drawing.


    Here is an opportunity to draw together and

    explore this landscape, to walk these Edgelands:


    The Edgelands are the third spaces, the in-betweens,
    the unacknowledged spaces between city and countryside, between one person and their neighbour.
    You are invited to meet us along the Edgelands
    where our territories overlap,
    where we imagine and connect
    to discover the trails we will mark
    and preserve for future generations.



    What edgelands are you traveling?
    What edgelands might we walk together?

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    Camp Wainui, 203 Coast Rd,
    Wainuiomata (map)
    45 minutes from Wellington Airport
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    Thurs, 23rd February from 6pm
    Ends Sunday the 26th with lunch
    Program starts Friday, 24th at 10am.
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    Enspiral contributors and invited friends
  • Step onto the trail…


    At Enspiral Summerfests, we walk alongside one another in pursuit of "more people working on stuff that matters.”


    Sharing the path at these events has always called for both the Inner and Outer work, and this year's unique invitation will invite us to explore the third spaces and mysteries that may not be immediately apparent when we consider the aspects of work or projects for social and ecological good like "professional & personal" and “in-person & remote” and "nonprofit & enterprise" or even "individual & collective".


    Moreover, we seek to create a space in-between where you can arrive as you are, or perhaps shed stories that are not part of the world we wish to create during our retreat.



    … walk these Edgelands with peers…


    Summerfest is an invitation to co-create a positive experience all of us; our hosting crew holds a carefully created structure that supports a space of choice, giving and receiving.

    You are encouraged to shape your experience to your needs, be they lighthearted, deep or anything in-between.

    Expect interesting people and conversation, time for laughter and games… with a spacious natural backdrop, amazing - healthy and delicious - food, and anything else you would like to bring!


    …when we finally part ways, what renewal & restoration will we have co-created?





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    See the FAQs, and if you have further questions, get in touch with the Summerfest team in the form below.

    Camp Wainui, 203 Coast Rd, Wainuiomata, Wellington 5373, New Zealand
  • We all bring the magic together.


    Summer Fest is an invitation to co-create a retreat for each and all of us, together.


    A space of choice for giving and receiving - Facilitate, participate, lead, support, follow, or enjoy your time alone. Shape your own experience to your needs.


    Be ready for diverse views, active interactions, space for renewal and opportunities to reconnect.


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