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Summer Retreat 2021: FAQs

Hey purpose people!

In this post find some basic logistical information and FAQs to help you arrive ready to make the most of our time together.

Why gather now?

This Summer Fest will be Enspiral NZ’s 16th retreat. As the heartbeat for ongoing collaboration for our visionary change makers and the global network, we are delighted to welcome you all together to bring forth our collective and creative forces to contemplate, heal, create, and innovate……

...and kick back and unwind. The guiding question - How can play be a sacred tool for healing invites emergent and open ended inquiry as we discover our abundant, natural intelligence to unfold, allowing us to dance in the space of creativity together as we co-create each other’s growth and becoming.

Summer fest is a time to celebrate and have some fun, to restore as we catch up over shared meals, rich discussions and revell in each other's company. As always there will be a mix of emergence and structure, creative and courageous spaces alongside juicy facilitation and open spaces. Whether you’re keen for lighthearted energies, deep reflective curiosities, or intentional collaborations, all is welcome as a pick your own adventure.

Make the experience whatever you need it to be to nourish yourself and others around you. Interesting people and conversation, time for laughter and games embraced with the beauty of papatuanuku and the superb kai from Doris, and anything else you would like to bring!


Note: The event will not go forward if we do not sell 35 tickets by the new year.


When do we start?

Please arrive by 10am, so we can get you registered and settled in your accommodation by 11am, Saturday 13th of February 2021. We'll finish before lunch on Tuesday 16th.

How to get there

See the frontpage for the map.


Transport to the event is self-organised. We will have a discussion thread on the Loomio group to organise carpooling. And give you the best details we can. For now:

From Wellington Airport

By public transport: Plan in advance, as the trip is around 2 hours and the final bus you’ll need (the 170) comes every 30-45 minutes in the morning; keep in mind it calls for walking about 10 minutes (twice, but only once if you’re coming from downtown). Here’s an example itinerary. Note: Finding the 2 bus from the airport is a bit tricky (10 min); you may want to connect with someone you know or with us to see about carpooling or getting picked up and here's an example partial itinerary of the second leg (Queensgate to Camp Wainui)

By car: Camp Wainui is about 45 minutes from Wellington Airport

By taxi: There is a New Zealand based car-sharing app called Zoomy. There are also taxi companies, including Green Taxi, to be found online.

Who's invited? Be welcome to share this invitation!

You are welcome to invite others to attend the retreat. It’s always been a great way to introduce new people who want to get involved, or finally show your partner what the heck it’s all about. We only ask that those invited have a sincere interest in supporting ‘purpose’ and the efforts for social/environmental good of the communities, groups and individuals that may be in attendance – we hope you’ll support us in co-creating an event that is a vibrant expression of a generous culture of mutual care, aid, and freedom.

If you are bringing someone completely fresh, please be prepared to be their guide and point of contact. While we’re not exactly discouraging social media posts, we heartily encourage direct invitations (they’re so much nicer!)

Note: Until 5 Dec. we invite you to keep invitations to Enspiral Contributors and close-knit friends and whānau (you can ask if unsure).

Can I bring my kids? Family-friendly!

Yes yes, yes!

Children and families are welcome at the Retreat! Kids under 5 can come for free.

Will there be childminders?

It takes a village to raise a child, and we are keen for the children to feel a part of the retreat and at the heart of this retreat space. Our children will be the next changemakers and entrepreneurs and are welcome to participate, observe and engage in their authentic ways.

We will have a mix of older children and some adults that will lead a range of activities that children of all ages can participate in. From mud slides to weaving, making music with natural creations, puppets or dancing in the great outdoors, the kohanga tent or the lounge area of the family lodge. We have a number of spaces to meet the particular bio rhythms of young children.

As the parent you will need to negotiate to share the care with another person if you would like some down time to do a deep dive.

Responsibility to know where your children are at all times will remain with you as the parent.

What else is on? Satellite events!

While our main invitation is to 4 days and 3 nights of awesomeness Feb 13th -16th, there will likely be other "satellite events" in the weeks before and after the retreat. We'll keep the “Satellite Events” section updated as events are confirmed.

Where do I sleep?

The default accommodation will be in comfortable, rustic 4-bed bunk rooms. There’s plentiful access to showers and there are kitchenettes and lounges dispersed throughout the facilities and lodges. You will need to bring towels, a cover sheet, pillowslip and either blankets or sleeping bag.

If you have a BYO Accommodation ticket, you'll need to bring your own tent and bedding. If you can't stay in a tent, contact us to ask about off-site accommodation in the area. We have a limited supply of these discounted tickets.

Contact if you have any preferences about who you bunk with, or with any needs beyond the default.

What should I bring?

  • Bringing a diary or notebook is a really good idea. There will be lots of ideas and new people to track.
  • Pillows are provided but please bring your own bedding (pillowcase, sheets, etc.) and towels.
  • If you’re staying in your own tent... the tent. ;)
  • Warm clothes for the evening, rain jacket and boots just in case... New Zealand weather can be quite unpredictable, cold and wet any time of the year.
  • Sunblock and a sun hat - New Zealand sun can be very strong.
  • Walking shoes, or anything you might want to enjoy the surroundings.
  • We'll provide morning and afternoon tea, but bringing some extra snacks could be a good idea.
  • Bring fun stuff to share like musical instruments and games.

Wi-Fi and Reception

Wi-fi is not available, except in dire cases.


Cell reception is possible though potentially spotty or difficult. The venue says:


Data - Vodafone has the best coverage over the whole camp , Spark can be fussy all depending which way the wind is blowing and where you are, 2 Degrees seems to be OK most of the time.

What am I going to eat?

The ticket price includes amazing healthy and delicious mostly-organic & local meals cooked daily with love and care by Doris (even homemade bread!).

We’ll do our best to ensure special diets are taken into account (including vegan, allergies, etc). Make sure you let us know your dietary requirements when you register.

Looking after each other

As a community Enspiral has always worked hard to make retreats a safe, inclusive space for everyone. Our personal conduct agreement provides a framework for a code of conduct for the event.

If you feel uncomfortable or would like to discuss an issue please contact one of Summer Retreat host team during the event.

They will be introduced over the coming weeks and months

I have questions not answered here!

Email our crew at

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