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Summer Retreat 2019: FAQs

Hello wonderful Enspiral Summer Retreat humans!

In this post find some basic logistical information and FAQs to help you arrive ready to make the most of our time together.

What is the purpose of Retreats?

This Summer Festival will be Enspiral’s 14th retreat. As a distributed network, retreats are the time when we come together for some quality face-to-face connection. They have become an important aspect of the rhythm of our ongoing collaboration, and serve as an opportunity to stop and think about the past 6 months and the next 6 months.

They are also about having fun, taking time out, catching up over shared meals, and enjoying each other’s company. The structure of the retreat will be intentionally flexible. If you’re keen to get down to work with people, go for it. If you want to dig into the deeper philosophical questions, please do.

If you want to play all weekend, you are more than welcome. Make the experience whatever you need it to be to nourish yourself and others around you.

When is the Retreat?

Please arrive by 10am, so we can get you registered and settled in your accommodation in time for our opening circle at 11am, Friday 22nd of February 2019. We'll finish before lunch on Sunday

Can I bring my friends or people new to Enspiral?

You are welcome to invite others to attend the retreat. It’s always been a great way to introduce new people who want to get involved, or finally show your partner what the heck it’s all about. We only ask that everyone there has a sincere interest in supporting Enspiral and learning more about it, and has a connection to an existing Enspiral contributor.


If you are bringing someone completely fresh to the community, please be prepared to be their guide and point of contact. Please don’t share the retreat registration invitation broadly on social media, but only extend invitations to people you know directly.

What’s the difference between the Summer Festival and Summer Retreat?

The Summer Retreat is 3 days and 2 nights of awesomeness Feb 22-24. There will be many other "satellite" events in the weeks before and after the retreat: that's the Festival. We'll keep the Programme page updated as events are confirmed.

Can I bring my kids?

Children and families are welcome at the Retreat! Kids under 3 can come for free.

Older kids will have to pay for accommodation, but please contact us at to discuss details.

Where is the venue?

The location is Aroha Valley Farm 296 Whitemans Valley Rd, Upper Hutt. This is just outside of Wellington. Transport to the event is self organised. We will have a discussion thread in the Loomio group to organise carpooling.

Where do I sleep?

If you have a Standard or Generous ticket, you'll be staying in the Bell tents, "glamping" style. Each Bell tent has 2 proper single beds, light, electricity and even an electric blanket! Contact if you have any preferences about who you share your tent with.

If you have a BYO Accommodation ticket, you'll need to bring your own tent and bedding. If you can't stay in a tent, contact us to ask about off-site accommodation in the area. We have a limited supply of these discounted tickets.

If you want to stay around Wellington before or after the retreat, some of the Enspiral locals may be able to host you. This additional accommodation is self organised. We will have a discussion thread in the Loomio group where you can discuss this with other participants.

What should I bring?

  • Bringing a diary or notebook is a really good idea. There will be lots of ideas and new people to track. Internet is available however the retreat is also an opportunity to unplug as much as you can. 
  • Warm clothes for the evening, rain jacket and boots just in case... New Zealand weather can be quite unpredictable, cold and wet any time of the year.
  • Sunblock and a sun hat - New Zealand sun can be very strong.
  • Swimwear - there's a river you can enjoy, and a hot pool and sauna!.
  • Walking shoes, or anything you might want to enjoy the surroundings.
  • If you’re staying in your own tent, you need to bring your tent and own bedding and towels.
  • We'll provide morning and afternoon tea, but bringing some extra snacks could be a good idea.
  • Bring fun stuff to share like musical instruments and games.

What am I going to eat?

The ticket price includes amazing healthy delicious vegetarian mostly-organic & local meals cooked daily with love and care by Doris (even homemade bread!)

We’ll do our best to ensure special diets are taken into account (including vegan, allergies, etc). Make sure you let us know your dietary requirements when you Register.

Looking after each other

As a community Enspiral has always worked hard to make retreats a safe, inclusive space for everyone. Our personal conduct agreement provides a framework for a code of conduct for the event.


If you feel uncomfortable or would like to discuss an issue please contact one of Summer Retreat host team during the event.
These people are:

Nati Lombardo

Rich Bartlett

Lucas Tauil de Freitas
Sandra Chemin

Can I pay using funds from my my.enspiral account?

No. For this Retreat, payments must be made directly through secure credit card payment on website. If you have funds in your my.enspiral account you can choose to withdraw them to your personal or business bank account and then purchase your Retreat ticket.

I have questions not answered here!

Email us at

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